Electra 2 F5J Full Carbon

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Electra2 is the ultimate high tech light weight electric sailplane designed for the trendy F5J-FAI competition class.
The wings have a relatively thin airfoil and wide chord flaps. The ailerons are extended to the end of the tip to give you more flying agility along with an outstanding soaring capability. By using 4 servos mounted directly in the wing, the flaps and ailerons allow camber changing of the wing section in all phases of flight, a wide speed range and crow braking for precision landings.
Wings have a carbon main spar; meanwhile the complete wing is made using unique bi-axial Spread Tow Carbon Fabric with direction ±45 degree. This structure allows a good increment of torsion stiffness with minimum weight and flying in wind conditions up to 12 m/s.
The 3 - piece wing is completely assembled ready to install servos up to 13mm thick for the flaps and 10 mm for the ailerons. Delivered wing-joiners are a pair of light hollow with 6°.
CAUTION: The wings of electro-powered gliders are not stressed like those of F3J hand/winch towed gliders and thus are not designed nor produced for this kind of flying.
The empennage is solid core molded using carbon and glass skins with carbon spar caps. The removable bolt-on fin/rudder molding is works-installed onto the carbon fuse. The horizontal stab is a one-piece molding bolted to the fuselage.
The fuselage is compatible with 2.4 GHz radio systems. The fuse is pressure-molded of proper Kevlar/Spread Carbon combination with extra carbon reinforcements. The two servos for the tail surfaces are mounted in the canopy bay. The Bowden link is very straight allowing a very precise control with a simple servo installation.
There is plenty of room for a geared motor, ESC and 3s LiPo battery in the canopy compartment with an easy access to the interior of the model.
A variety of different size motors can be fitted into the fuselage, the standard factory installed firewall is ready for the spinner with 32 mm ( V tail fuse) and 35 mm (X tail) diameter and central bore of 11 mm.
Bigger spinners for larger gearbox/motor combinations can be installed simply by cutting the proper piece of nose (up to 38 mm spinner dia.).
Electra 2 is available as V tail or X tail version.


Technische Daten:

Spannweite:    3480 mm
Länge:    1700 mm (mit Spinner)
Gewicht:    <1000 g
Flügelprofil:    MT-25750-L
Flügelfläche:    68,8 dm²
Profil Leitwerk:    HT13
Fläche Leitwerk:    7,4 dm²


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