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The Slavia is a sailplane which you will use everywhere and by all times .....

Easily transportable with its wing in 2 parts and its dismountable elevator.


With the recommended drive train, it climbs to the trees! and has a huge autonomy!

Its wing, completely planked with MH32 airfoil and a modest surface allows fantastic performances which are still raised by a particularly low flying weight. Thus, this sailplane is as well excellent in dynamic flight as in thermal flight!

  The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are in stock.

Spannweite: 2300 mm

Rumpflänge: 1340 mm

Fluggewicht: 1,4-1,7 kg

Flächenbelastung: 36,4-44,0 g/dm2

Profil: MH32

5 channel 6 servos


RC equipment:  5 channel 
                         7-channel receiver
                         2 micro servos for ailerons ( Hitec HS 81 )
                         2 servo for flaps ( Hitec HS 82MG )
                         1 servo for elevator ( Hitec HS 82MG )
                         1 servo for rudder ( Hitec HS 82MG )

Content of the set:
Light fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fiberglass
Two-piece wing foam core balsa sheeted and covered with Oracover®. Ailerons and flaps ready.
Tailplanes are made in a balsa framework and covered with Oracover®
Top quality accessories
Vinyl cnc cut stickers
Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations

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